Welcome to the home of the A13 Allstars

A13 Allstars:

There are six of us currently playing in the Allstars a perfect mix for cooking up a musical blend of harmony, soul and shuffle.

A13 Allstars’ music is good honest blues and country bar music. You can dance to it , drink to it , talk to your friends and just have a good time to it. It ain’t heavy , it ain’t too loud , it’s just right ! You’ll hear traces of The Band , Muddy Waters , Gram Parsons , JJ Cale and Chuck Berry amongst others It represents the combined musical tastes and backgrounds of the band members who are : T-Bone Palmer and Les Greenacre (guitars , mandolin , steel and singing) cut their musical teeth in the pub rock community of the Thames Estuary (Canvey Island and South Essex) alongside The Feelgoods and Eddie and the Hot Rods in the mid-seventies .The lure of the open road was hard to resist and so, eight years ago, A13 Allstars was born and although players have come and gone since then , the R&B – meets – country sound has remained the same. Marian Fox and Anna Sims (singers) provide the unique vocal tapestry for the band and both have a background in folk and world music (they sing with the critically-acclaimed Big Sky choir and Sonrisa , the local acapella group that occasionally accompanies the  Allstars on tour).

And finally, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter from this site (and we hope you will ) but most of all we’d like you to come along to our gigs and have a good time . Come and say hello . We’d love to see you